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Me at 230 pounds, 37 pounds lighter

If you read my story “Who is Robert Alvarez” then you know that just a couple of years ago my weight escalated to 267 pounds, the heaviest I have ever been. I was working in a high pressure, high stress job and my form of dealing with that stress was to eat through it. I was extremely uncomfortable with the way that I looked and more importantly with the way that I felt. I had very little energy, I was often depressed at how much I had let myself go.  just walking up a couple of stairs or leaning over to tie a sneaker took the breath out of me. My weight was effecting every area of my life from my relationships, my work and my overall enjoyment of life, or should I say lack-there-of.  I knew in order for my life to change, I had to first change the way that I was thinking and what I was focusing on. Losing weight begins with a healthy mind and self image as it will be very difficult if not seemingly impossible if you first don’t change your thoughts.

I had tried so many different diets and instead of feeling good about what I was doing, I felt like I was ready to take someones head-off all the time and I know that all of you who have tried or are trying  to lose weight know exactly what I’m talking about. No one likes feeling deprived of the things that you have been used to, its like going through withdrawals and its not fun. Exercise felt like torture at first because of the sedentary lifestyle I had been living and it was aggravating because it was interfering with the “NOTHING” I had been doing before.  When I got home from work my glass was full and nothing else could fit in it, so I sat on the couch, turned on the TV where I stared like a zombie for hours thinking that distracting myself would make things better and all it was really doing is amplifying all of my problems, not to mention the fact that it was totally unfair to my wife.

It wasn’t until I started to look inward and asking the right questions to and about myself that things started to change in my life. I began journaling “EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS” and I began taking time to relax my mind, by reading, listening to music, going to the beach or just hanging out on my deck to relax. Its amazing what happens when you start asking yourself new questions, the proper questions as you start to get new and better answers. I began to enjoy getting healthy! Notice I said “enjoy getting healthy” and not “losing weight”! Change your thoughts and change your life.

I decided to follow a low glycemic way of eating as I felt it was the best method for me as I could eat regular food, its healthy and I feel satisfied and not feel deprived. I work out on my bowflex every other day and I bike about 14 to 20 miles a day and I LOVE IT, it has become addictive to me. I also decided to add supplements to my regimen as I’m a true believer that EVERYONE NEEDS THEM because our foods are so nutrient deficient, even the healthy ones and having the proper vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is extremely important, your body needs nutrients to function properly. This view is not an opinion, but one that is based on medical fact.

So my experience has taught me a lot of what to do and what not to do, it also goes far beyond myself because their are people in my life “family and friends” that are having major health issues do to obesity and many of them are way too young to be experiencing the health problems they are facing. Health issues can be reduced if not completely eliminated by proper diet, nutrition and exercise. For those of you who know me, my passion is all about helping others and that is my primary purpose. Imagine what we can all collectively do together.

Lets join in the journey of health together and become the best we can be. Please follow this blog as I will be giving you recipes, exercises, nutritional information and much more. Also please share this with someone you may know that needs it.

I look forward to the journey,

Rob Alvarez

267 pounds

267 pounds

230 pounds, 37 pounds lighter

Me at 267 pounds

Who is Rob Alvarez

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With social networking becoming the predominant avenue for individuals staying connected with friends and loved ones as well as developing new relationships, the one missing ingredient is knowing who people really are. Yes we post updates, photos, videos, websites etc… but what does that really tell us about the people that we meet? We invite people into our technological world, yet with more ways than ever to make connections, we are more disconnected with others. Actual conversations are becoming a thing of the past.

WARNING: the next 7 to 8 paragraphs you are about to read will be a journey through the struggles my wife and I have been through over the years, but please read on because the story gets better!

So who am I, what do I offer to you and the world, what is the story behind Rob Alvarez? Don’t worry I won’t bore you by bringing you back to the day I was born, I choose to start my journey with you starting 16 years ago when I married the most amazing woman in the world “Danmara Alvarez” aka “Didi Alvarez”! We can remember like it was yesterday when we stood on the altar and said “I DO”. It was, and still is, the most memorable day of our lives. Didi and I were excited about what the future would bring for the both of us! We were young, ambitious and full of dreams. We both continue to cherish our time together and only want more of it!

Unfortunately our dreams became something of the past and the only thing that we could see were the bills piling up in front of us. Our jobs were just not paying enough. We were forced to live with family because we could not afford our own place. The attic was our home for some time. We managed to accumulate thousands of dollars in credit card debt that we could not manage to pay off. The day our first new car was repossessed and we filed for bankruptcy was an ultimate low for the both of us. What had happened? Where did all of the dreams go — of having a family, traveling the world, living in our dream home, having more time, helping our loved ones? Where did we go wrong? Did we do anything wrong? Were we sold on a bag of goods that the rest of the rest of us all buy into as we did? Does this sound familiar?

Finally we both got the “dream job!” Does that even exist? We were making a decent living working in the travel industry and finally had the money to have some fun. Life seemed to be going pretty good. Well as life would have it after the tragedy of September 11 the travel industry went into an extreme lull and I along with 200 other employees were laid off. We were back to square one AGAIN!

It did not take long for me to bounce back and I took a job in the telecommunications industry. Within nine months I was promoted four times starting as sales associate to northeast Regional Sales trainer, then Regional Sales Director and finally Market Director with more than 125 employees that span 4 states and 20+ locations, I was now making a six-figure income about $150,000.00 per year. Finally, we could live! Or could we? I told Didi that she no longer needed to work. How great — finally we could have more time now since she did not have to be stuck at her job. Boy was I wrong! The higher the income, the larger the proverbial ball and chain becomes. You feel more trapped because your lifestyle changes and you need that income to maintain it. I worked long hours and even when I came home, I was still never really home. There were the conference calls, the text messages, the e-mails, etc………I was not living, I merely existed. My stress levels were through the roof and because of this I ate my problems away and I became severely overweight to the tune of 267 pounds which only added to my stress. So for those of you who think that more money will take all your problems away, think again. Happiness is void if you don’t feel a sense of purpose with what you are doing no matter how great the money may be.

On February 15th 2009 I was text messaged from my boss that we had a very important conference call later that afternoon. I did not think much of it because conference calls were practically a daily occurrence and we were always told that they were important. Well to all of our surprise, this is the call that every employee dreads to get. On that day I found out that the company in which I had worked at for almost 8 years, a company that we gave up so much of our lives to in return for a six figure income was being sold. My heart sank, I felt overwhelmed with anxiety and fear, my first thought were “Oh my God, what am I going to do about my family, house, my cars, bills etc”…. when you get yourself in a place where you’re making a substantial income, your lifestyle rises as the income does. We are living in a beautiful home with 2 new cars, the nice things, and the expensive vacations all add up. What was I going to do?

After pondering for days I had made the decision to become my own boss and start a wireless business in Fall river MA in June of 2009 with a friend who worked for me at my previous job. I was excited and scared at the same time because this was my first venture on my own. So many of us have thought about owning our own business but talk ourselves out of it because of the risk that is involved and there are many, such as your time and money. Six months after we first opened our door a gentleman walked in and introduced himself as the new owner of the building and said he needed to talk to us later that week. I knew by the sound of his voice that it was not good news, so I asked for him to speak to me right then. He informed me that he bought the building for his daughter’s dog grooming business and my first thought was “you have got to be kidding me”! He informed me that he would give me 90 days to move from the location. I went home that night feeling defeated, not wanting to tell my wife what had happened even though she has always been so supportive and my biggest cheerleader and as always she was the voice I needed to hear, the voice of reason. I began looking for new locations because I knew timing was critical and money was very short, so short that I had been behind on my mortgage for months.

To top all of this off, I received a letter in the mail from an attorney with the intent to foreclose on my home. At this point I think most people would be ready to leap off a bridge, but not me, I was determined to find a way and try to find the lessons learned through all of this.

On one particular day when I came home stressed to the nines, Didi had reminded me of the internet marketing / networking business that we began in 1998 that a friend of mine Rick Norman had introduced me to. A business that we did not pay much attention to because the predominant reason we got started with the internet franchise was to use some of the products that we loved and got at wholesale that helped us greatly with our overall health. Even though we were getting checks in the mail, we did not give it the attention it deserved. This business was a part-time business 8 to 10 hours per week alongside what we were already doing to make a significant income. Well I started to pay attention and thank God I did because it saved us in our time of need. It is amazing what happens when you actually pay attention and take action towards something. The business that I was ignoring is the business that I now coach others on because everyone needs a plan B. The worst place to be is with your back against the wall as I was with no plan if something were to happen which is what most people do. I teach people how to save money, earn money and develop a leader mentality that allows them to do what they want, when they want and with whom they want by doing EXACTLY what they already do every day of their lives. Helping others is my purpose and it is what most people desire as well.

Another more recent business I started WWW.SAVEMYHOUSELLC.NET, came from my frustration and personal experience when I was trying to modify my mortgage directly with my lender. I had been told about doing a loan modification and how I could do it on my own; I just had to contact my lender to get the ball rolling. Three months went by of total frustration, stress, and countless hours filling out paperwork, sending faxes, phone calls, filling out the same paperwork again and again because they kept saying they did not receive what we had sent to them more than 5 times. We finally got the letter “We are sorry, but you have been denied for a loan modification, maybe you should try selling your home”. My wife and I were beside ourselves, we could not believe that they were not willing to help us. I mean after all, when I was working we were early on every payment, we were outstanding customers. None of that mattered, but I was determined to stay in my home!

While in the process of trying to modify our loan I had talked to nearly a dozen other people that I know that had the same thing happen to them, their lender was not willing to do anything for them. We received our first letter from the lenders attorneys at the end of August with the intent to foreclose, once again our hearts sank, and losing our home was just not an option. We decided to look into loan modification companies, many of which seemed sketchy at best, until we found a local attorneys’ office, just 15 minutes down the road from where we reside. We went to the office and got to witness the whole operation first hand, which I must say was very impressive; the whole building was designated just for loan modifications and short sales. We told them our story, we gave them our paperwork and what they gave us was HOPE, they told us they could help and boy did they!

Our house was scheduled to foreclose on November 4th and the process had already been started. I was receiving letters almost daily from attorneys telling me to claim bankruptcy and they could help to keep me in my home. These were very scary times for Didi and I. Well the folks at the law firm that were working on our loan modification stopped the foreclosure and were negotiating with our lender to do our loan modification for us. Something we were unable to do after months and months of trying. They got us our permanent modification shortly after a three month forbearance trial period and reduced our mortgage by $992.00 per month!!! Whoo Hoo!

Knowing that so many other individuals are going through the same thing that we have, my wife and I decided to start our own loan modification marketing business with the law firm that was working with us so that we could help people during these stressful times. We also decided to add debt settlement to our business as well because we were able to settle our debt to 50 cents on the dollar and drastically reduce our monthly payments which will allow us to pay those debts off in 48 months rather than 28 years if we were to pay the minimums every month. Our passion has always been to help others and what better way than to help people keep what is so precious to them. This gave birth to Save My House LLC and Save My Finances. Being that we went through what countless of Americans are going through today; it gives us a perspective of understanding that many other companies don’t have.

So how is my life today? It has NEVER been better, I feel that everything that happened to Didi and I was just propelling us forward to reach this point of doing what we are truly supposed to be doing “HELPING OTHERS”, which is our greatest passion in life. I hear more and more people these days talking about purpose, specifically individuals wondering what their purpose is. I believe everyone has purpose, a big “WHY”, but few ever find it because we become too comfortable living day to day and just getting by. None of us are meant to just get by; we are all born with unlimited potential and the ability to create wealth in all areas of our lives. Success and failure is a choice, and failure is merely giving up on something before you get your desired outcome. You read my story and you know that if I got stuck thinking about all of the bad things that had happened to me, I would have just gotten more of it, but I didn’t, I made the choice to look past the problems and decide what I wanted to do.

Now I get to spend every day with my wife, I work when I want, where I want “I love working from the beach”, with whom ever I want and as much as I want. I truly love my life! My goals have changed over the years, but I have a solid foundation and conviction for one goal that will never end “I WANT TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN” whether it be teaching someone how to save money, earn money, save their home, improve their finances or change their life by getting them to think differently, I want people to wake up to their own passion and potential. I know that sounds like a lofty goal and it is, because I know I can’t ever help everyone, but I can help many and those people can help many more!

I want to close my story with another story that was told to me by one of the greatest visionary business leaders of our time, Jr Ridinger. The story is called “The Dash” You see when we come to the end of our life and it is time to move on with our creator, there are two sets of numbers on a headstone, a birth date when we came kicking and screaming into this world and then we have the date of our passing. We really don’t have much choice with the entering and moving on from this world, but we to have a choice as to what we do with the Dash. So my question to all of you is, what are you going to do with the Dash that is between those numbers, what will you do with your life? Did you leave your mark in this world, did you help to change lives, were you a good father or mother, and were you a leader that helped his or her followers? Or did you just get by? Did you look back at your life and think about all the missed opportunities and say to yourself, I wish I could of, or I should of? If you want to live the life you always dreamed of, then change what you do and how you do it. Know that all it takes is one shift in focus to create a life of fulfillment. Stop be skeptical and start listening and learning from the people who offer you help, because skepticism only means you do not have enough information to make a good decision. I hope in some way that we can work together and help each other become the best we can be!

Good luck my friend and God Bless,

Rob Alvarez

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